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As the release of his debut album draws nearer, SOHN has taken time out to film a 4AD Session with filmmaker and photographer Andreas Waldschuetz in his adopted Austria. Recorded in the outskirts of Vienna, SOHN – flanked by his live band Albin Janoska (synths) and Stefan Fallmann (bass) – performed four songs from his album Tremors

The creative partnership between SOHN and Waldschuetz spans many years, and of late has seen the latter embrace unique techniques to capture SOHN visually, as can be seen in his previous work with the London- born producer – the unplugged live performance of Tremors opener ‘Tempest’ which you can see here.

I recently rewatched Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001 and was pretty inspired by it” says Austrian filmmaker Andreas Waldschuetz. “Listening to ‘Artifice’ the first thing that popped into my head were neon tubes – I love neon lights. I love its coldness and sterility, and the graphical element that comes with it. All in all a glitchy piece of art.

Watch the full session on YouTube here.

Track Listing:

  1. Artifice
  2. The Wheel
  3. Bloodflows
  4. Lights





Released: 7th April 2014

Order from: iTunes / Rough Trade / Amazon / Resident / 7digital

For more on SOHN head to the 4AD page.


Director: Andreas Waldschuetz
Cameras: Volkmar Geiblinger, Andreas Waldschuetz, Faruk Pinjo, Michael Obex
Lighting: Katharina Krachler, Arthur Höfinger
Sound Engineer: Floxe
Stylist: Lauren Cooke
Editing: Andreas Waldschuetz
Post Production: Thomas Rath
Production Manager: Christina Fix
Special Thanks to Gernot Ursin

About the 4AD Sessions

The 4AD Sessions are an ongoing series of video recordings with various acts from the label's roster. Following on from the Deerhunter session at the Studio Plateaux on Platts Eyott island in 2008, the recordings will see 4AD artists performing back-catalogue covers and alternative versions of their own material.