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Now Playing: 'Sedna' By Efterklang


The music video for 'Sedna' is created by Brüssel based photographer and artist Hana Miletic and edited by Jesse Van Bauwel.

'Sedna' features a collection of video portraits of young adolescents shot during the summer of 2012 in a park (popularly referred to as Zrinjevac) in central Zagreb, Croatia.

During the years the park has become the favorite hang out spot for local alternative youth, culminating during the summer months when school is out and parents are away on holidays to the seaside. Every evening the kids come together, make music, fall in love, ...  and the 'coming of age' takes place. In order of appearance we see Emma, Ivan, Ena, Bart, Jura, Ines, Doris, Stribor and Sara.

'Sedna' feature contributions from Earl Harvin (drums, Tindersticks) and Peter Broderick (violin, piano).

Special thanks to all the kids and Rocio Mateo-Sagasta.

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by Efterklang

Released: 24th September 2012

Order from: Jumbo / Rise / iTunes / Rough Trade

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