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Now Playing: 'Black Summer' By Efterklang


The video for Efterklang's 'Black Summer' is made and produced by Everything All at Once (Kevan Funk and Benjamin Loeb). 

A note from Kevan Funk and Benjamin Loeb, the makers of the video:

The conceptual basis for the 'Black Summer' video was anchored around a desire to explore issues of incarceration and our perception of criminals. The interest was not to focus on violent criminals, it was instead to focus on individuals who end up in the penal system as a result of systemic issues around poverty, abuse and neglect. The displaced, and ultimately doomed, animals that carry the story are used to illustrate a particular commentary, one that, ironically, attempts to humanize this maligned population.

Video Produced by Everything All At Once

Directed by Kevan Funk
Cinematography by Benjamin Loeb

Production Designer: Caitlin Byrnes
Assistant Production Designer: Harry Brar
1st Camera Assistant: Nick Malcolm
1st Camera Assistant: Peter Hadfield
Steadicam Operator: David Tenniswood

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by Efterklang

Released: 24th September 2012

Order from: Jumbo / Rise / iTunes / Rough Trade

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