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Bing & Ruth - 'No Home of the Mind' Solo Piano Version + Spring Dates
Bing & Ruth : 'No Home of the Mind' Solo Piano Version + Spring Dates
1st March 2018

Bing & Ruth, the ever-evolving collective steered by composer David Moore, unveiled a solo piano version of No Home of the Mind, his third record released in February 2017 following City Lake (2010) and Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (2014).  Moore says "When we finished the recording sessions that became No Home of the Mind I sent the band home to reconnect with their respective partners/pets/bongs and stayed behind to secretly record a solo piano version of the whole record."

You can stream the release here.

The ensemble also announced some new tour dates for the spring including Brooklyn and Kansas City, London and Saint-Petersburg, as well a support date for band GAS in Philadelphia. 

26th - Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA, US
27th - The Sanctuary at Murmrr Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY, US [TICKETS]
29th - Jazz Cafe, London, UK [TICKETS]

1st - Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia [TICKETS]

2nd - Central Presbyterian, Austin, TX, US 
4th - Owl Club, Tucson, AZ, US 
5th - Pico Union, Los Angeles, CA, US 
7th - The Chapel, San Francisco, CA , US [TICKETS]
9th - Globe Hall, Denver, CO, US [TICKETS]
10th - Record Bar, Kansas City, KS, US [TICKETS]
11th - Constellation, Chicago, IL, US 
12-14th - FORM Arcosanti 2018, Arcosanti, AZ, US