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While the early Axis label singles had served an important research and development function, the arrival of Rema-Rema provided Ivo with something more important: a reason for continuing. Returning to the shop one afternoon to find five people about to play Peter their demo tape, Ivo was immediately struck by the post-punk quintet's music, later saying, "It was the first point I knew that we were actually doing something serious." 

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A hugely rewarding year at 4AD, including releases by The National, Aldous Harding, Holly Herndon and two new albums by Big Thief ...

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Send No Flowers

by Martin Aston

As the saying goes, anticipation is half the pleasure. And if the pleasure really does prove equal to the task, then everyone who has waited for a Rema-Rema retrospective will be thrilled to the core by the double vinyl/CD album Fond Reflections, released almost 40 years after their sole EP, Wheel In The Roses.

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