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Erika de Casier - New Album 'Still' Out February, Plus Single 'Lucky' Streaming Now
Erika de Casier : New Album 'Still' Out February, Plus Single 'Lucky' Streaming Now
10th January 2024

Today, Erika de Casier returns to announce her highly-anticipated third album Still, out 21st February via 4AD, and shares the first single 'Lucky.'

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The 33-year-old Danish singer, songwriter and producer built a cult following with her 2019 debut album Essentials, and built on that “cult” designation with 2021’s Sensational, her first for 4AD. Since then, she’s performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world, written for pop stars (NewJeans) and sung on hyped dance tracks (Mura Masa, Shygirl). But when she ushers you into the expanses of her third album she’s inviting you to leave any crass The Nordics’ Next Big Thing or Rising Alt-Pop Star epithets at the door. She may have won a lot of new fans in the past three years, and a lot of high-profile collaborators (Dua Lipa, Blood Orange, Eartheater, etc.) but as this album’s title confirms, she’s the same old Erika de Casier. Still. 

All of this to say the album is classic de Casier, her idiosyncratic mix of luxuriant electronica and moonlit R&B drilled further into that one-of-a-kind sound here. Her songwriting is as masterful and universal as ever, and her proficiency as a producer heightened as she produces other voices (They Hate Change, Shygirl, Blood Orange) for the first time. She also invites new collaborators, working with live musicians in addition to samples.  N, co-producer of Essentials and Sensational, returns here, but added to the fold are Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen, Carl Emil Johansen, Niels Kirk, Christian Rhode Lindinger, Nick León, Kirsten Nyhus Janssen and Tobias Sachse, adding live drums, synths, guitar, bass and more. 

These new additions embolden de Casier to create some of her most emphatic songs, put on display brilliantly on 'Lucky,' her first offering from the album out today. The song arrives alongside an accompanying Jesse May Fisher-directed video titled “me walking on the beach” made as homage to viral YouTube videos from the early aughts.  

Erika de Casier - Still

1. Right This Way
2. Home Alone
3. Lucky
4. The Princess
5. ice (ft. They Hate Change)
6. Test It
7. ooh
8. Believe It
9. Anxious
10. Ex-Girlfriend (ft. Shygirl)
11. Toxic
12. My Day Off
13. Twice (ft. Blood Orange)
14. Someone