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Future Islands - Future Islands Release 'For Sure (Dan Deacon Remix)'
Future Islands : Future Islands Release 'For Sure (Dan Deacon Remix)'
12th January 2021

Today, Future Islands release ‘For Sure (Dan Deacon Remix)’, an expansive 9-minute remix from the fellow Baltimorean artist where he incorporates stirring strings, piano and an electronic crescendo to the original track.

+ Stream/buy the remix here +

Dan Deacon says, “Like most people, the last year has made me realise how important my friends are to me, and how much I miss being with them. When the guys released ‘For Sure’, it really brought me back to memories of when we lived together and I could hear them practicing in the basement. I kept listening to it over and over and wanted to hear it "more," if that makes sense. I wanted to hear the individual parts, and I wanted to hang out with them and interact with them. When I got the stems I didn't really have a plan for the remix other than I wanted to hear Sam's voice with piano and strings, and it just started growing from there in an organic way. It was a comforting project that brought me close to people I love and missed very much. One of my favourite things about being a musician are the friendships and bonds that are made through it. It's hard to imagine my life, let alone my music, without having met these bozos.

Last night, Future Islands brought their renowned incendiary live performance to the screen when they performed their latest single ‘Plastic Beach’ on Late Night With Seth Meyers