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SOHN - Releases Two New Songs 'Hue' / 'Nil'
SOHN : Releases Two New Songs 'Hue' / 'Nil'
12th March 2018

Ahead of his European tour beginning in April, SOHN has released two new singles today.

The lilting piano-led lament of ‘Hue’ and companion track ‘Nil’ can be heard digitally here

19th - Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
23rd - Café de la Danse, Paris, France
24th - Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
25th - Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands
26th - Täubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany
28th - Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
29th - Gibson Club, Frankfurt, Germany

1st - Kaufleuten, Zurich, Germany
2nd - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland 
3rd - Spielboden, Dornbirn, Austria
4th - Posthof – Zeitkultur Am Hafen, Linz, Austria
5th - Culture Factory, Zagreb, Croatia
8th - A38 Ship / A38 Hajó, Budapest, Hungary
9th - Palladium, Warsaw, Polland 
12th - Palac Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic
13th - Im Wizemann, Stuttgart, Germany 
14th - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
15th - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
17th - Roundhouse, London, UK