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The Big Pink - Watch The Big Pink's 5 Track 4AD Session
The Big Pink : Watch The Big Pink's 5 Track 4AD Session
13th January 2012

Ahead of the release of their second album, Future This, The Big Pink have recorded a set of five songs as part of the 4AD Sessions series. Bringing to life the anthemic qualities of the new album, the session is a showcase of the unabashed step towards stadium dynamics the band have made on Future This, while also displaying the often-curveball influences that continue to underpin their best work.

Filmed in 3 Mills Studios, the location was to have a coincidental resonance with the music. Based on Three Mill Island in Bromley-by-Bow, the island is London's oldest surviving industrial centre with evidence to suggest that the mills it houses were listed in the Domesday Book. The grand historical associations and JG Ballard-esque setting appears fitting of the darkened, industrial undertones that course through even the most pop moments of The Big Pink's music. Channeling the epic, immersive and otherworldy feel of the new album, the stark backdrop of the warehouse-like space was coupled with lasers used in a structural way to frame the band and change the physical surroundings.

Playing several tracks from Future This, alongside spiritual cousin 'Velvet', taken from the first album, the session captures what makes The Big Pink such an intriguing band. Effortlessly moving between the outré sounds of the underground and their love for shameless pop hooks, the band display the full scale of their creative ambitions. Watch the full session below

1. 'Stay Gold'
2. 'Hit The Ground (Superman)'
3. 'Velvet'
4. 'Rubbernecking'
5. 'Give It Up'

Future This is released on 16/17th January, and can be bought exclusively on iTunes in the US now. Click on the links in the right hand column to buy now.