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Twin Shadow - The Year In Review: Twin Shadow - Confess
Twin Shadow : The Year In Review: Twin Shadow - Confess
13th December 2012

CD of the Week - The Sunday Times
Album of the MonthThe Skinny (5/5)
"Terrific." - The Observer
"What a find." - The Scotsman (4/5)
“Lewis Jr.’s return is triumphant.” - The Fly (4/5)
"Pop music where the bad guy wins." - Pitchfork (8.6 - Best New Music)
"Its thrills and spills are irresistable." - Drowned in Sound (9/10)
“A brilliant selection of songs about spilling your romantic beans.” - Time Out (4/5)
"These tunes blaze brilliantly and briefly, just like a brat pack love story." - Metro (4/5)

Twin Shadow, the psueudonym of George Lewis Jr., released his second album, Confess, on 4AD in June. Self-produced and with mixing duties handled by Michael H. Brauer (Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney), the follow-up to 2010's Forget found Lewis Jr. doing what he does best; remembering and reinventing, fashioning a soundtrack which sounds refreshingly and distinctly modern.

Inspired by a motorcycle accident George was involved in a few years ago, Confess was suitably dramatic and exhilirating. Referencing the 80s New Wave close to its creator's heart and with a cinematic ambition, the album was personalised by a lyrical concern that reveals Lewis Jr. to be the Don Juan with a conscience; louche, charming and melancholic in equal measure.

In the spirit true to the album, Twin Shadow launched the video to the album's lead single 'Five Seconds' by taking to the stage on 43rd and Broadway (aka New York City’s Times Square) to introduce its first airing on giant double LED screens. With a narrative inspired by a short story written by George himself, the video for 'Five Seconds' offered a fitting entry to the world that Confess conjured: stylish, grand and looking back back as a means to move forward. Watch the video below.

George Lewis Jr (aka (Twin Shadow) conceived of the video himself and had this to say about its storyline: “Well my mom is gonna be super bummed out, but yes that’s me surfing my motorcycle in the video for ‘Five Seconds’ … and yes I’m also on the wrong side of the road. I figured if I was ever going to get away with being on a jackass on a motorcycle it would be for my own music video. The video for ‘Five Seconds’ is one part of a series of videos based on a novel written by myself and a good friend Eric Green called Night Of The Silver Sun”.

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