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4AD - Update on A&R Phishing Scams
4AD : Update on A&R Phishing Scams
27th July 2023

We are sadly aware of the multiple phishing scams currently circulating - with many unsigned receiving unsolicited emails or messages via social media.  Please be wary of contact from people purporting to work for us or who claim to have access to our staff or our studio spaces.

We would never ask anyone to pay money to submit music or to work with us.

We kindly ask that should anyone approach you in such a way (or in any manner that seems suspicious or malicious) that you don’t engage with them and forward any correspondence to [email protected].

You can also always contact us via our verified pages on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and we'll quickly confirm whether you have been legitimately contacted by a member of our team.

You are encouraged to send submissions to [email protected]