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Bing & Ruth - Bing & Ruth Shares First Track From 'Divergence: Species Remix' EP
Bing & Ruth : Bing & Ruth Shares First Track From 'Divergence: Species Remix' EP
14th October 2020

Bing & Ruth has announced Divergence: Species Remixes, a companion work to Species, the group’s latest studio album. Digitally released on 30 October, Divergence features reworkings of Species tracks by like-minded artists Khotin, Lucy Gooch, Maria Somerville, James Krivchenia and Nailah Hunter.

Today, Bing & Ruth release Khotin’s remix of ‘Badwater Psalm’. Khotin is the recording project of Dylan Khotin-Foote, a Canadian electronic artist signed to Ghostly. His last record Beautiful You was widely critically acclaimed and new album Finds You Well was released last month. Reminiscent of Susumu Yokota and Boards of Canada, he creates dreamlike sounds using synth loops, samples and house beats.

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Khotin on his remix:

“When choosing a song to work on I usually listen to the original in full only a single time before I begin in order to find an element that resonates with me. I found the main droning organ in ‘Badwater Psalm’ really lovely to work with. I added a little bit of movement to it with some FX and then layered a single repeating piano chord and multiple SH-101 sequences on top to create a sort of light and meandering feel to the remix.”

Bing & Ruth - Divergence: Species Remixes
1. Badwater Psalm (Khotin Remix) 
2. Blood Harmony (Lucy Gooch Remix)
3. The Pressure Of This Water (Maria Somerville Remix)
4. Live Forever (James Krivchenia Remix)
5. Badwater Psalm (Nailah Hunter Remix)

Elsewhere on Divergence, more details on the remaining cast of remixers: