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Richenel - Richenel remembered by Ivo Watts-Russell
Richenel : Richenel remembered by Ivo Watts-Russell
14th March 2020

Photograph by Michiel X Schatborn

Hubertus Richenel Baars, 1957-2020

So sorry to hear that Richenel has passed away.  I felt privileged, along with Blackwing engineer John Fryer, to have had the opportunity to remix his gorgeous cover of 'L’Esclave Endormi'.

1986 was a year as far removed from rock n roll, at 4AD, as it would ever be.  The Bulgarian music, Harold Budd and the Cocteau Twins, Victorialand and 'L’Esclave...' all pointed toward something quite unique, with emphasis on the power and individuality of the human voice and helped define 4AD at its most pure.

Working with him on the two songs he provided vocals for on This Mortal Coil’s Filigree & Shadow was a total joy.  That voice was spectacular and he was so willing to try anything, keep singing, until I told him I was happy. It was a sweet and effortless afternoon’s work that I treasure.  I know little of what became of him in the world of disco he was encouraged to pursue but am so grateful to have encountered, if briefly, such a beautiful man with the voice of an angel.

Ivo Watts-Russell