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4AD : Record Store Day Releases
15th February 2024

In celebration of Record Store Day 2024, 4AD presents a trifecta of RSD special editions, availability in limited qualities and exclusively online and in-stores on April 20, 2024.

Kristin Hersh - Hips & Makers (30th Anniversary Edition)
Spoonfed Hybrid - Spoonfed Hybrid (30th Anniversary Edition)
Gene Clark - No Other Sessions (1974-2024: 50 Years of No Other)

Find more information on these releases below and via the official Record Store Day website

Kristin Hersh - Hips & Makers (30th Anniversary Edition)
Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition 2LP (the album plus B-sides and string versions) available on double green vinyl, with lyrics and sleevenotes by Kristin. CD will be available on the 26th April.

Hips and Makers

A1. Your Ghost
A2. Beestung
A3. Teeth
A4. Sundrops
A5. Sparky
A6. Houdini Blues
B1. A Loon
B2. Velvet Days
B3. Close Your Eyes
B4. Me and My Charms
B5. Tuesday Night
C1. The Letter
C2. Lurch
C3. The Cuckoo
C4. Hips and Makers
C5. Hysterical Bending [BONUS TRACK]

Your Ghost EP
C6. The Key
C7. Uncle June and Aunt Kiyoti
C8. When the Levee Breaks

Strings EP
D1. A Loon (String Version)
D2. Sundrops (String Version)
D3. Me and My Charms (String Version)
D4. Velvet Days (String Version)
D5. The Key (String Version)
D6. Velvet Days (String Instrumental)

Gene Clark - No Other Sessions (1974-2024: 50 Years of No Other)
50th Anniversary celebration of Gene Clark’s classic 1974 album — Double black vinyl edition of studio outtakes that shine a light on the making of a timeless album + beautiful mirrorboard sleeve ft. rare in the studio photographs & track-by-track notes by Sid Griffin. 

A1. From A Silver Phial Version 4
A2. Silver Raven Version 2
A3. Some Misunderstanding Version 3
A4. Life’s Greatest Fool Version 2
A5. Train Leaves Here This Morning Version 2
B1. Lady Of The North Version 2
B2. The True One Version 2
B3. Strength Of Strings Version 2
B4. No Other Version 2
C1. From A Silver Phial Version 1
C2. Life’s Greatest Fool Version 1
C3. No Other Version 1
C4. Lady Of The North Version 1
C5. Some Misunderstanding Version 1
D1. Silver Raven Version 1
D2. Train Leaves Here This Morning Version 1
D3. The True One Version 1
D4. Strength Of Strings Version 1

Spoonfed Hybrid - Spoonfed Hybrid (30th Anniversary Edition)
The original album plus a bonus disc of outtakes & demos, available on double black vinyl (one-time pressing).

Spoonfed Hybrid
A1. Heaven's Knot
A2. Naturally Occurring Anchors
A3. Tiny Planes
A4. Stolen Clothes
A5. Lynched
A6. 1936
B1. Getting Not to Know
B2. Somehow Some Other Life
B3. A Pocketful of Dust
B4. Ecnalubma
B5. Boys in Zinc

Demos & Outtakes
C1. Scary Verlaine
C2. Bullets and Bees
C3. The Sun Always Changes My Mind
C4. Messrs. Hyde (Demo)
C5. Naturally Occurring Anchors (Demo)
D1. Token She Van (Truncated)
D2. Tiny Planes (Demo)
D3. Violence of Violins
D4. Make a Fist
D5. Lynched (Demo)