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Joker - The Year In Review: Joker - The Vision
Joker : The Year In Review: Joker - The Vision
21st December 2011

"A charmingly youthful and exuberant album... (The Vision) leaves you anticipating a great future for this young Bristolian." BBC

"Electrifying." Q

"(The Vision) strikes a wondrous balance of doom and poppiness. Dramatic and beautiful, the record seems a document of a tumultuous time; cries in the night, deadly serious..." Filter

"Pure magic." The Independent

Following a number of formative teenage years helping shape the UK underground, Joker released his debut album on 4AD in October (a week later in the US). Entitled The Vision, Joker premiered the record at Glastonbury Festival with the numerous vocalists who guest on the album involved and showcased just how far he'd progressed as a producer.

The Vision was a record that offered a segueway between Joker's past and his recent forays into the pop world. Old fans were pleased to see that Joker's trademark instrumentals were present in abundance (in a nod to his roots, the album was also released in instrumental form), while these were also complimented by a number of startling vocal collaborations that introduced him to a wider audience, with two singles - 'The Vision (Let Me Breathe)' and 'On My Mind' - both being playlisted on Radio 1. Watch the video for the latter below.

Alongside releasing the record, Joker toured relentlessly, spending every available weekend in a field, club or on a plane. Indeed, by the time the year was out, he had covered most of Europe, Australia, Japan and The States). 2012 brings more worldwide shows as his stock continues to grow. His Radio 1 Essential Mix was nominated as one of the best of the year, while a recent live session for Huw Stephen's saw him joined by a number of vocalists and accompanied by astring section. As always, Joker shows himself unable to standstill, constantly pushing his music forward.