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Becky and the Birds - 'Trasslig' EP Out Today
Becky and the Birds : 'Trasslig' EP Out Today
23rd July 2020

Becky And The Birds’ debut EP for 4AD, Trasslig, is released today along with a video for latest single, 'Pass Me By'.

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Watch the video for 'Pass Me By' in the player below.

Featuring the singles ‘Do U Miss Me’, ‘Wondering’ and ‘Paris’, Trasslig (Swedish for “entangled, messy, intricate”) celebrates the complexity of womanhood. Producer and songwriter Thea Gustafsson says, “people are scared of women who could be both powerful and vulnerable at the same time, and there’s no space for that. But’s it’s okay to be trasslig, to be all the parts of yourself.”

Watch the trailer for Trasslig in the player below.

Trasslig follows 2018’s self-released debut EP Becky And The Birds and showcases Gustafsson’s impressive soprano vocal range. Born in Örebro, Sweden, Gustafsson’s life has always been steeped in music, whether listening to traditional Swedish folk songs; following her father’s career as an accordionist or his passion for jazz and soul; her sister’s love of 90s R&B and hip-hop; or through her own experiences playing violin as a child and composing pieces for orchestras. A move to Stockholm in 2014 to attend Musikmakarna – a renowned music school in Sweden’s capital – exposed her to pop music for the very first time, coming face-to-face with music epitomised and made famous by the likes of Max Martin and Aviicii. Armed with skills in pop songcraft and production, Becky and the Birds came to life in 2016 in reaction to frustrating and fruitless encounters with male producers and songwriters.

Trasslig Tracklist

1. She’s Already Crazy
2. Wondering
3. Trasslig
4. Paris
5. Pass Me By
6. Pass Me By (Outro)
7. Do U Miss Me