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Helado Negro - 'Outside The Outside'
Helado Negro : 'Outside The Outside'
25th August 2021

Helado Negro has released the new single 'Outside the Outside'.

It is the second single to preview the new album Far In which will be released on 22nd October via 4AD.

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Roberto shares that he still felt like an “outsider” amidst his family’s community as much as he felt that he belonged.  “I found space through music and outsiders finding each other,” he explains.  “This is a song about intimate partnerships and long-loving friendships.  To be loyal freaks and an outsider amongst outsiders.”

'Outside the Outside' is accompanied by a visualizer edited from Roberto Lange’s family house parties in 1980s South Florida.  “My family came to this country as outsiders looking for and finding community,” Roberto says.  “People would come to our house and bond through music, food and dancing. T hey usually began at 8 PM and lasted until 5 AM.

Far In is Helado Negro's first album on 4AD and the seventh full-length album in his catalog. It follows his breakthrough 2019 release This Is How You Smile.

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Helado Negro recently released an official live video for the new album’s first single 'Gemini And Leo'.  The video was directed by Marisa Gesualdi and filmed at Sear Sound in New York City.  He also released a special zodiac playlist generator – just enter your birth date to access a special playlist curated to your sign by Roberto Lange, based around 'Gemini and Leo' - playlist.heladonegro.com

When Helado Negro began writing Far In immediately following the release of This is How You Smile, he could not have predicted that we would soon need to learn how to stay at home and be the stars of our domestic dance floors with intimates and online communities.  Roberto and his partner, the visual artist Kristi Sword, had planned to visit Marfa, Texas for an early 2020 residency to work on their collaborative project.  Once the pandemic hit, they decided to stay in Marfa through the summer, inspiring Roberto to write a significant amount of songs on the upcoming album. 
Escape is never out there, you have to go inward,” Roberto reflects on developing an epic Helado Negro double album during these extraordinary times.  Heavy, pulsing, rhythms drive 'Aureole' through a dystopian landscape, but as he sings of endless psychological restrictions, the shimmering radiance of expanded realms bursts through.  This chiaroscuro effect suggests a path that isn’t tuning out beneath monumental forces and anxieties, but embracing the dark of the unknown with openness, pleasure, and growth.

Helado Negro - Far In

1. Wake Up Tomorrow (ft. Kacy Hill)
2. Gemini and Leo
3. Purple Tones
4. There Must Be A Song Like You
5. Aguas Frías
6. Aureole
7. Hometown Dream
8. Agosto (ft. Buscabulla)
9. Outside the Outside
10. Brown Fluorescence
11. Wind Conversations
12. Thank You For Ever
13. La Naranja 
14. Telescope (ft. Benamin)
15. Mirror Talk