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Bing & Ruth - Nailah Hunter Remixes 'Badwater Psalm' By Bing & Ruth
Bing & Ruth : Nailah Hunter Remixes 'Badwater Psalm' By Bing & Ruth
28th October 2020

Ahead of this Friday’s release of Bing & Ruth’s Divergence: Species Remixes, the group has shared Nailah Hunter’s reworking of ‘Badwater Psalm’ today. The LA-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Hunter shares a particular affinity for Point Dume, the Californian location which inspired Bing & Ruth’s leader David Moore in the collective’s latest work, Species.

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Hunter says, “Point Dume is one of my favourite beaches in all of California. This beach has giant rock protrusions and glimmering tide pools that feel straight out of a high fantasy seascape. I've had many an epiphany on those rocky shores ~ “

Divergence is a companion work to Species, the group’s recent studio album. Whilst ostensibly Species is an exploration of the sonic possibilities of the Farfisa organ, aided only by a clarinet and double bass (played respectively by founding members Jeremy Viner and Jeff Ratner), it was inspired by two recent loves of Moore’s: the desert and long-distance running. Briefly relocating from his New York base to Point Dume, between the Pacific Ocean and the desert, Moore was able to indulge in both passions. Species is a study of suspended time and trance; not just a steady movement from A to B, but as something that flows, meanders and eddies, like water.

Digitally released this Friday, 30 October, Divergence features reworkings of Species tracks by like-minded artists Khotin, Lucy Gooch, Maria Somerville, James Krivchenia and Nailah Hunter.

Bing & Ruth - Divergence: Species Remixes
1. Badwater Psalm (Khotin Remix) 
2. Blood Harmony (Lucy Gooch Remix)
3. The Pressure Of This Water (Maria Somerville Remix)
4. Live Forever (James Krivchenia Remix)
5. Badwater Psalm (Nailah Hunter Remix)