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SpaceGhostPurrp - SpaceGhostPurrp To Release Mysterious Phonk: The Instrumentals
SpaceGhostPurrp : SpaceGhostPurrp To Release Mysterious Phonk: The Instrumentals
30th August 2012

South Florida producer and MC, SpaceGhostPurrp will release an instrumental version of his acclaimed debut album, Mysterious Phonk. Simply named Mysterious Phonk: The Instrumentals, it will be released digitally and on extremely limited edition vinyl on 3rd September, the latter of which will be available in Europe exclusively through Boomkat. In true hip-hop style, the entire set of tracks will also be available to download for free for a limited time only - download it from Dummy here

Released earlier this summer, Mysterious Phonk was a compilation of both new and old material tracking the early years of this intoxicating prodigious talent. His first commercial release, SpaceGhostPurrp showed he was not only worthy of the hype his early mixtapes created, but was also primed for a bigger stage.  With his lugubrious, hypnotic verses removed, the release of The Instrumentals provides an opportunity to showcase the unique production that defines the Purrp as an artist unafraid to take risks and step away from conventional genre tropes. The result is syrup-thick head music, that nods to hip hop fore fathers, but also favours an unpredictability that is ultimately the defining characteristic of SpaceGhostPurrp's own murky universe.

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