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Becky and the Birds - 'With You'
Becky and the Birds : 'With You'
5th March 2021

Today, Swedish R&B musician/producer Thea Gustafsson PKA Becky and the Birds releases a new song ‘With You’ as an exclusive for Spotify’s Studio Oyster.  Listen here or in the player below.

The artist recorded ‘With You’ from the Spotify studio in Stockholm. The song follows previous Studio Oyster recordings including by girl in red, Augustine, and Lil Halima feat. Nahom.

‘With You’ is preceded by Becky and the Birds’ breakout 2020 EP Trasslig, as well as recent features on the Healy song ‘Back On The Fence’ and the Dijon single ‘The Stranger’ alongside Tobias Jesso Jr. and John C. Reilly.  She has been nominated in the Breakthrough of the Year category at the Swedish Music Publishers Association Awards, the equivalent of the GRAMMYs for songwriters and composers in Sweden.

Of ‘With You’, Gustafsson says, “Previously when I’ve written love songs there’s always been some kind of melancholy in it and it’s always some kind of bittersweet feeling.  But for this song I wanted to make a song about love, and just that feeling of giving in to somebody else, because I’ve never done that before.  I’m inspired by fairytales and am daydreaming everyday all day.  It feels like I’m in my own world so I’m just trying to dig into that space and to find that space in my music too” 

With previous songs featured on Spotify’s global playlists POLLEN & New Music Friday, Becky And The Birds was an obvious choice for Studio Oyster, a program where Nordic and international artists are invited to the Stockholm studio to create a new genre-bending gem.  Thea continues, “I don’t think there’s space for me in genres, so I think Oyster is perfect for somebody like myself who doesn’t fit in.  We’ve been having a good time with genres but I think it’s a dying thing.  Everything else is so fluid now, it doesn’t make sense to have these boxes when everything else in the world is finally starting to move outside of boxes”