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Future Islands - 'Born In A War' Out Now
Future Islands : 'Born In A War' Out Now
6th October 2020

Ahead of the release of their sixth album As Long As You Are this Friday, Future Islands have shared a new single ‘Born In A War’. To accompany the song is a stunning animated video created by award-winning American artist Wayne White and his son Woodrow White, which takes its visual cues from Samuel T. Herring’s potent lyrics centred on America, consumption and capitalism – “Life’s more than Cash and Carry – all your guns to your grave.”

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The band say, “We first met with Wayne White back in 2014 to discuss collaborating on a music video. We’ve been wanting to work with him since then. We’re stoked that we were finally able to work together on the video for Born in a War. We love the puppets he created and his unique interpretation of the song.”

With current events separating us from friends and loved ones, Future Islands want to recreate the communal moment of sharing music together. From 10am EST on Wednesday 7 October, the band will launch the As Long As You Are listening, together website offering fans the opportunity to hear the album early. Available to fans worldwide, the website will detect a person’s geographic location and, once enough people from the same area are online at the same time, the album stream will be unlocked. Fans can listen together in real-time, sharing stories and initial impressions via the chat-box. Sign up now to be notified when it launches here.

Future Islands will perform their only show of 2020 this Friday, on As Long As You Are‘s official release day. The Baltimore group have been road warriors for over a decade, touring extensively every year without fail, but 2020 is the first year the band will not hit the road since 2008. Instead, for their 1,235th live show, the group will move online for a one-off global livestream event on 9 October. “A Stream of You and Me” will be filmed in Maryland and feature a bespoke one-off light show created by light artist Pierre Claude (The Strokes, Phoenix, Gesaffelstein). The broadcast will be directed by Michael Garber (Phoenix, Bon Iver, Kamasi Washington).

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As Long As You Are looks to the past as well as the future, confronting old ghosts and embracing a new hope. It is an album about trust, full of honesty, redemption and “letting go”, allowing old wounds to heal and bringing painful chapters to a close. The album features previously released singles ‘Moonlight’, ‘Thrill’ and ‘For Sure’. Signalling a new era for Future Islands, touring drummer Mike Lowry officially joins as a fully-fledged member and songwriter bolstering the founding trio of William Cashion, Samuel T. Herring and Gerrit Welmers. Together, the four-piece took on official production duties for the first time, co-producing As Long As You Are with engineer Steve Wright at his Wrightway Studios in Baltimore. Given time to allow the songs to slowly come to life, these 11 new songs of  post wave synth-pop are as euphoric and uninhibitedly joyful as anything the band has done in their 14-year career.

As Long As You Are will be available digitally, on CD, standard black vinyl, petrol blue vinyl (4AD and indie stores only), fluorescent orange vinyl (band store only) and cassette (4AD Store, band store and US indies only). 

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Future Islands - As Long As You Are

1. Glada
2. For Sure
3. Born In A War
4. I Knew You
5. City's Face
6. Waking
7. The Painter
8. Plastic Beach
9. Moonlight
10. Thrill
11. Hit The Coast