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4AD - Air Miami & Dean Wareham On 4AD Podcast
4AD : Air Miami & Dean Wareham On 4AD Podcast
6th February 2023

Today, 4AD shares the fourth episode of the new podcast series 4AD Forages. The February episode brings together old acquaintances – Bridget Cross and Mark Robinson of Air Miami, and Dean Wareham.

+ Listen to all episodes here +

 Air Miami signed to 4AD in 1995, formed by Cross and Robinson after their previous band Unrest split in 1994. Wareham was the guitarist and vocalist of Galaxie 500, on sibling label Rough Trade, and later formed LUNA after its breakup in 1991. Moving in similar circles within the independent music scene of the early 90’s, the musicians’ paths would often overlap, even inspiring Robinson to create bootleg ‘Unrest 500’ merch.

In the podcast episode, the trio reunite, speaking from across North America including LA, Massachusetts and Alaska. Catching up after decades apart, the band members reminisce about previous encounters and the music industry of the time. Amongst many topics, they discuss playing shows on acid, recording on limited daylight hours, smoking in dressing rooms, ‘what God is’, and Wareham’s blue aura.