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EL VY - New Videos For 'Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri' and 'It's A Game'
EL VY : New Videos For 'Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri' and 'It's A Game'
11th March 2016

EL VY’s Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf are making good on their promise to deliver a video for every song on their debut album, Return To The Moon, which was released last October.  Today they have shared 'Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri' and 'It's A Game' videos.

‘It’s A Game’, directed by Tom Berninger (Matt’s brother, director of the award-winning Mistaken For Strangers film and creator of all preceding EL VY videos thus far), sees Tom’s artwork time-lapsed to life, while he and Matt struggle to come up with imagery that works for both of them.  

‘Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri’, filmed by Michael Brown and Ben Krall, and edited by Kelly Lyon, is a music horror video, of sorts.  It captures Matt and Brent in a fight for survival, combined with live EL VY performance footage.  

You can also find all previous videos on EL VY's YouTube channel here.

EL VY and Return To The Moon is a project Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf have been thinking about for years.  Their friendship spans nearly a decade, starting back when the National and Brent’s previous band Menomena played small half-empty clubs along America’s West Coast.  Feeling an immediate musical kinship, the pair kept in touch, Brent sending Matt occasional rough sketches of music and Matt responding with melodies and lyrics.  Finally, in the winter and spring of 2014-15, they actually got together to make an album.

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