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Zomby/Reark - Natalia's Song
Zomby/Reark: 'Natalia's Song'
9th May 2011

Zomby/Reark - Natalia's Song

After a brief hiatus, one of the most talented producers of a generation returns with Dedication, his 4AD debut. Having teased fans with a few out-takes on YouTube and pirate radio prior to it's release, 'Natalia's Song' was his first official release for almost two years and first appeared unannounced in a Burial and Kode9 mix for Radio 1 at the end of 2010. Catching everyone off-guard, demand for its release was instantly huge. 'Natalia's Song' was pressed on a limited, one-sided etched 10”. With it only getting one pressing, it sold out almost immediately.

Also available from: Rough Trade