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Efterklang - Piramida
Efterklang: 'Piramida'
24th September 2012

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Efterklang - Piramida

The roots of Piramida were first laid when the band saw photographs of a forgotten settlement called Pyramiden, slowly dying, on Spitsbergen, an island midway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole. Intrigued by this ghost town, visited it in August 2011, accumulating over a thousand field recordings from the many and varied environments they encountered; a trip later documented in an excellent film by Danish director Andreas Koefoed.  When returning to the studio in Berlin, the band used these collected sounds as the backbone of the record to great success, producing a more heartfelt and mournful sound than their previous albums thus allowing it to become a rare example of a conceptually strong project that never forgets to let the concept serve the song rather than the other way around.

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