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The Breeders - Wait in the Car
The Breeders: 'Wait in the Car'
3rd October 2017

The Breeders - Wait in the Car

The Breeders announce their return to 4AD with the infectious new track, ‘Wait in the Car’.  The single is the first music to be released by the classic line-up behind the iconic album, Last Splash.

The single will also form part of a series of 7”s releases.  One will be available at the band’s upcoming tour dates, starting 15th October (pressed on orange vinyl, featuring a cover of Amon Düül II’s 1970 track ‘Archangel’s Thunderbird’, recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago).  Another will be available exclusively at select independent record stores from 27th October (pressed on yellow vinyl and including a cover of Devo’s ‘Gates of Steel’).  Details of a third version (featuring Kim’s dreamy reimagining of Mike Nesmith’s ‘Joanne’ and pressed on red vinyl) will be announced later in the year.  Each version is limited to 1500 copies worldwide.

The artwork and visuals for ‘Wait in the Car’ come from Chris Bigg (formerly of the v23 team who worked on the band’s previous 4AD releases) and Martin Andersen, with the video piecing together 800 still images.

“It all started with a brick,” the pair say.  “We both liked the idea of using something iconic yet quite banal.  An old brick has a story and it’s a beautiful raw object.  We started collecting more and more (some intact, some broken) and realised how different they all appear, each one having its own identity.”