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The Wolfgang Press - Unremembered, Remembered
The Wolfgang Press: 'Unremembered, Remembered'
20th June 2020

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The Wolfgang Press - Unremembered, Remembered

This Record Store Day brings a surprise in the form of Unremembered, Remembered, a six-track mini-album of previously unheard material by The Wolfgang Press. 

Unremembered, Remembered contains six demos (the seventh will never be heard) which were recorded sometime between 1995 and 1996, when the band had become the duo of Andrew Gray and Michael Allen.  Writing and recording in East London against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, the Brixton riots, Rosemary West’s trial, the Dunblane Massacre, the IRA docklands bombing and Take That splitting, all of which proved good material to be plundered by the band.  However, with them deciding to call it a day shortly after, these tracks were shelved to then be forgotten.


Having recently discovered the tapes, they’ve since mastered them at Abbey Road to create Unremembered, Remembered and the first time it’ll be heard by the public is this Record Store Day (April 18th) where a very limited vinyl edition is being released.  Working with long-time 4AD collaborator Chris Bigg on the design, the sleeve features metallic inks with the record itself being pressed on 140g transparent red vinyl.

This release is exclusive to independent record stores via Record Store Day, which takes place this year on 20th June.