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U.S. Girls - 'Santa Stay Home'
U.S. Girls: ''Santa Stay Home''
30th November 2020

U.S. Girls - 'Santa Stay Home'

 U.S. Girls has released an original holiday song 'Santa Stay Home', co-written by Meg Remy and Rich Morel. 

A holly jolly Christmas song this is not. Instead, the song is a plea for Santa to stay home and slow down our rampant consumerism. It begins, "While landfills overflow around the globe, you sit up there in your red judge robe // This charade has got to end // Mr. White Christmas, this is what I recommend". But in true U.S. Girls fashion, environmental anxieties have never been so danceable.

Remy says of 'Santa Stay Home', "When one stops to really think about it, Santa is creepy and Christmas makes no damn sense."