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Anjimile - Stranger
Anjimile: 'Stranger'
19th October 2021

Anjimile - Stranger

Anjimile Chithambo, known artistically as Anjimile, has joined the 4AD family and today he releases his debut for the label, a one-off single entitled ‘Stranger’.

Of today’s single, Anjimile says the following: “'Stranger' is something of a confrontation between my past and present selves in relationship to my trans identity.  I started testosterone about 3 or 4 years ago, and It’s been simultaneously liberating and alarming to note the changes to my mind and body over the years.  'Stranger' is an admission to myself that, while I welcome all of those changes - especially the deepening effect of testosterone on my singing and speaking voice - it’s still scary and there is a degree of internal ambivalence to my transition.  In transitioning I lost, or gave up, a part of myself. And that is hard to reconcile.  'Stranger' is an attempt at some semblance of reconciliation, I guess.”