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Anjimile - The King
Anjimile: 'The King'
8th September 2023

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Anjimile - The King

If Giver Taker was an album of prayers, The King is an album of curses”.  In his second album, Anjimile continues exploring what it means to be a Black trans person in America.  The brutally honest reflection of 2020’s deadly summer is less reminiscent of the pink cloud of early sobriety and more rooted in the reality of seeing brutality with clear eyes.  Drawing from influences ranging from religion, Phillip Glass, and lived experiences, the album is a grand step forward for Anjimile.

Nearly every sound you hear on The King comes from two instruments: an acoustic guitar and Anjimile’s own voice.  Other than a few beautiful contributions from Justine Bowe, Brad Allen Williams, Sam Gendel, and James Krivchenia (Big Thief), the album is the result of a year in LA working intimately with Grammy and Juno winner Shawn Everett.